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Invited speakers Invited speakers

Bezhan Chankvetadze Georgia Mechanistic aspects of enantioseparations of selected chiral drugs in aqueous and non-aqueous capillary electrophoresis
Ziad El Rassi USA Liquid phase separation strategies for in-depth proteomics profiling
Johan Roeraade Sweden Miniaturized technologies in biochemical analysis
Karel Kleparnik Czech Republic Ultrahigh sensitivity analyses
Éva Szökő Hungary Difficulties of CE-LIF in the analysis of biological samples
Attila Gáspár Hungary   Integration of ground aerogel particles as chromatographic stationary phase into microchip
Staffan Nilsson Sweden   Development in "Airborne Chemistry" & Protein Epitope MIP PSP-CEC
Gyula Vígh USA Finding the elusive actor: synthesis, characterization and first CE use of heptakis(2-sulfo-3-methyl-6-acetyl) beta-cyclodextrin
Pier-Giorgio Righetti Italy The proteome buccaneers: how to unearth your treasure chest via combinatorial peptide ligand libraries
Attila Felinger Hungary Performance of modern HPLC stationary phases in bioanalysis
Marek Trojanowicz Poland   New trends in design of chiral sensors and biosensors
Margit Cichna Austria   Comparison of different procedures to extract DNA from long-term preserved formalin fixed tissues for PCR amplification
Wolfgang Thormann Switzerland  

Determination of alcohol markers in body fluids by CE

Tamás Janáky Hungary  

Selection of experimental animals for proteomic studies

András Guttman USA-Hungary Capillary Electrophoresis in Glycomics
Stellan Hjertén Sweden  

The requirements for high resolution and high reproducibility in capillary electrophoresis

Frantisek Foret Czech Republic Miniaturization in bioanalysis
Thierry Tron France Engineered laccase: artificial enzymes with new properties